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Hugh Bennett | The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ has moved to its new home at Hugh's News ( It can now be found at
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Dec 2009 By
Debbie Galante Block | Is NetBlender's BD Touch, which leverages BD-Live to connect Blu-ray to mobile devices (and now the iPhone), the first killer app for BD-Live?
News/News Feature - Posted 28 Sep 2009 By
Complete Blu-ray Disc Production Suite for Professional Videographers
News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Sep 2009
Now that "second-tier" AACS licensing for mid-market titles has been more or less resolved, we can turn our attention to the other obstacles to BD delivery
News/News Feature - Posted 17 Aug 2009 By
First Season of "Highlander: The Series" Encoded and Authored for Blu-ray by C232, Inc. using DoStudio(TM) Workflow Edition
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Aug 2009
MasterSoft, Inc. has announced the release of Super DVD Creator 9.8.10, a popular DVD authoring and burning program that enables anyone to create a high-quality DVD disc with remarkable ease. Now the product is offered at 20% off its regular price. MasterSoft invites all home video enthusiasts to take advantage of this discount, which is available only for a limited time
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Jul 2009
Excellence 2009 will feature an roundtable discussion by industry notables on "The Future of Digital Media Publishing in the 21st Century"
News/Breaking News - Posted 19 Jun 2009
The Code, starring Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas, is the First TellX "Active Video" DVD Release available June 23 from First Look Studios
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Jun 2009
Releases version 3.0 of Blu-code (BAE-VX1000) multi-codec, HD video encoder software
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Jun 2009
Debbie Galante Block | IDMA presses AACS LA for licensing fee relief and multiple tiers for non-Hollywood producers to stimulate Blu-ray publishing market
News/News Feature - Posted 28 May 2009
Dan Daley | Some aspiring Blu-ray participants see the AACS licensing scheme as a speed bump on the fast track to broader BD uptake
News/News Feature - Posted 01 May 2009 By
Dan Daley | Exploding number of video distribution channels, each with its own file format requirements, will redefine post production
News/News Feature - Posted 15 Apr 2009 By
Offers Movies Never Before Available on DVD; 150 Titles at Launch Including "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," "The Citadel" and "All Fall Down"
News/Breaking News - Posted 25 Mar 2009
Closer proximity to studios will address content security concerns
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Mar 2009
Consultants and green (and Blu) ideas abound as the focus turns from high-tech to business-intensive
News/News Feature - Posted 10 Feb 2009 By
HDScape Blu-ray and DVD Collection Showcases the Best in Video Landscapes and Visuals
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jan 2009
EMYLIA Will Integrate D-BOX Motion Code on Selected High-Definition Blu-ray titles
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jan 2009
Upgrade offers numerous enhancements to the leading Blu-ray Authoring solution for Independent Production Worldwide
News/Breaking News - Posted 04 Dec 2008
Debbie Galante Block | Part of the appeal of 3D movies to Hollywood is that you can't just download and watch a torrent of a 3D movie. So that adds value to a 3D movie since there's no downloadable equivalent. On the other hand, as soon as the 3D film is on disc, it's open season for piracy once again.
News/News Feature - Posted 18 Nov 2008 By
Beginning with "Death Race" Universal Studios Home Entertainment will include D-BOX motion code on selected High Definition Blu-ray releases
News/Breaking News - Posted 18 Nov 2008
Jan Ozer | Sooner or later, if you’ve been shooting or otherwise producing high-definition video, you’re going to want to create a Blu-ray Disc. At this point, your Blu-ray authoring options range from well under $100 to burn on a desktop recorder or duplicator, to close to $100,000 for a program capable of producing Blu-ray projects that you can have pressed at a replication facility. In this article, I’ll identify the relevant categories of Blu-ray authoring software and identify the features that differentiate programs within each category.
News/News Feature - Posted 04 Nov 2008 By
If authoring a BD-Live disc is like coding a video game, managing a mature online infrastructure for a few years’ worth of titles with millions of unique visitors may be like running AOL or Yahoo.
News/News Feature - Posted 28 Oct 2008 By
Inlet’s latest release of Fathom, an advanced encoding platform, produces files in any of the codecs that Blu-ray supports
News/Breaking News - Posted 16 Sep 2008
Complete Authoring and Encoding for Video Post, Indie Film, and Desktop Production
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Sep 2008
Extended Developer Group Fosters Innovation to Simplify and Expand Advanced Interactivity Creation
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Sep 2008
For many disc developers and producers who had been working in the trenches to produce HD DVD projects, the transition to a Blu-ray-only world has been painful but manageable.
News/News Feature - Posted 09 Sep 2008 By
"Triple Hybrid" Solution Allows DVD Authors to Combine DVD Content and Interactive Extras for Both Mac and PC on a Single Disc
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Aug 2008
Geoff Daily | Nothing's more important to new formats than making sure they'll work once they get into the hands of consumers. And the same holds even more true for Blu-ray Disc, which not only wants to revolutionize HD distribution but also what interactive experiences can mean in the living room. Here's a look into why verification is now mandatory for authors preparing discs for replication, why it's important, and how it gets done.
News/News Feature - Posted 15 Jul 2008 By
Debbie Galante Block | BD authoring tools and procedures continue to develop with BD-Live creating more of a challenge than 3D. However, it’s not surprising to see Sony, Technicolor, Sonic and, yet again, the aggressive Richard Diercks on the forefront of knowledge and experience.
News/News Feature - Posted 08 Jul 2008
Hugh Bennett | When working with Blu-ray, the need to enter into and comply with various license agreements differs depending upon the circumstance. Since most videographers and duplicators deal in single or (at most) a few hundred discs at a time, the author of EMedialive's Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ will address licensing issues that pertain to situations where BD content is distributed on writable rather than pressed discs.
News/News Feature - Posted 26 Jun 2008 By
Mark Fritz | Will Qflix fix the DVD download market? Is CSS crucial?
News/News Feature - Posted 20 Jun 2008
Javelin ventures to Europe to teach Blu-ray application development in a comprehensive two day hands on seminar using only sofatronic Kaleidoscope
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Jun 2008
Debbie Galante Block | In the replication world, entertainment DVDs seem to be holding their own. CD losses are no worse than expected. And some replicators are slowly starting to invest in BD in the expectation of a decent long-term return. But what will the rest of the year and the holiday buying season bring?
News/News Feature - Posted 11 Jun 2008 By
Partnership will streamline the Development, Implementation, and Certification of Groundbreaking BD Touch Applications for the Blu-ray Industry
News/Breaking News - Posted 13 May 2008
Geoff Daily | The future of Blu-ray is the networked experience made possible by BD-Live, but its potential is limited by the BD player's old school remote control. Enter BD Touch, a new solution from NetBlender for expanding the possibilities of BD-Live by combining the awesome power of the iPhone with Blu-ray.
News/News Feature - Posted 25 Apr 2008 By
Sonic collaborating with Sony to enhance the BD-Live creation features of the Scenarist BD authoring platform
News/Breaking News - Posted 17 Apr 2008
Definitive equipment trade show for the optical media industry, will be held May 6-8 in Hall 5.0 of the Messe Frankfurt in Germany, and will be the have a strong focus on Blu-ray Disc
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Apr 2008
First EDGe Program Release Helps Enhance Sonic's Scenarist High-Definition Authoring Platform
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Apr 2008
New DVD Architect 5 and Blu-print Update Offer Specialized Solutions for High Definition DVD Production
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Apr 2008
Strategic global partnership brings together decades of industry and technical expertise from both sides of the Atlantic with a shared vision to establish the Kaleidoscope platform as the standard for BD-J development
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Mar 2008
Owners of the original DVE HD DVD Can Upgrade to DVE: HD; Basics in Either Blu-ray or HD DVD Format for just $14.95; Blu-Ray and HD DVD Disc Versions to Be Released on March 25, 2008
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Mar 2008
Sonic Scenarist Authoring and CineVision Encoding Systems Power Output Growth
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Mar 2008
Dan Daley | Versatile Multilayer Disc has lower manufacturing costs versus BD and the late HD DVD thanks to its ability to get 30GB onto a red laser-read disc, but it's content-lite in a content-rich universe.
News/News Feature - Posted 29 Feb 2008 By
Leading HD tools provider announces addition of an affordable GUI-based Blu-ray solution for DVD authorers making the transition to BD
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Feb 2008
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to Integrate the Ensequence on-Q Create Suite Into Blu-print, Sony’s Blu-ray Disc Authoring System, Enabling Blu-ray Disc Developers to Create and Distribute Dynamic Interactive Experiences to Blu-ray Disc Viewers Worldwide
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Feb 2008
Develops Range of Drives for Securely Recording Downloaded Entertainment
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Feb 2008
Debbie Galante Block | Will high-def audio be a selling point for hi-def discs? Industry pundits say convenience will still trump quality where audio is concerned
News/News Feature - Posted 11 Feb 2008 By
PUSHHD has decided to have all of its future check discs tested by AudioDev's TestCenter in Agoura Hills, CA to ensure the discs' playability and compatibility, as well as to ensure the discs' specifications are within the guidelines of industry standards
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Oct 2007
New Systems to Expand Title Inventory with Virtual Movie Shelves
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Sep 2007
"Expert Series" to launch in November with two day HD DVD course in Barcelona
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Sep 2007
Initiative to provide hands-on instruction for DVD industry professionals looking to become proficient in BD-Java and HDi programming, the native coding languages for advanced content features on Blu-Ray Disc and HD-DVD titles
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Jul 2007
October 30, 2007 is the official release date for the complete line of scenic HDScape Blu-ray Discs Home Media Expo 2007
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Jul 2007
Up to 1,000 new indie titles to be made available in HD DVD through the CustomFlix DVD on Demand Program; Sundance Channel original series, 'Big Ideas for a Small Planet,' to be among first HD television offerings on
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Jul 2007
TitleMatch DVD On-Demand service and Primera disc publishers provide a complete, turnkey solution to produce secure DVD titles at retail stores
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jun 2007
NetBlender will integrate Corel's PureHD Authoring Multiplexer into the upcoming release of DoStudio, which creates the Advanced Content Layer for HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs
News/Breaking News - Posted 27 Jun 2007
Contest Kicks Off at Sun Microsystems' JavaOne Conference in San Francisco
News/Breaking News - Posted 09 May 2007
Geoff Daily | As with DVD, proper testing is essential for producing a quality, replication-ready HD disc. Given the exponentially more complex inner workings of next-gen discs and the current state of the technological ecosphere built up around these products, testing disc images has produced a string of challenges.
News/News Feature - Posted 26 Apr 2007 By
Streamlines Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Title Creation
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Apr 2007
Hugh Bennett | Some suggest the conflict between Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD can be resolved by simply offering devices compatible with both formats. I’m not so sure. It’s easy to paint a rosy picture of peaceful coexistence, but compromise comes at a price.
News/News Feature - Posted 03 Apr 2007 By
Geoff Daily | As with DVD, proper testing is essential for producing a quality, replication-ready HD disc. Given the more complex inner workings of next-gen discs and the current state of the technological ecosphere built up around these products, testing disc images has produced a string of challenges.
News/News Feature - Posted 16 Mar 2007 By
First Graphical User Interface Tool for Creating Advanced Content for HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc
News/Breaking News - Posted 06 Feb 2007
EMedialive announces updates to The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ in the following categories: Compatibility; Physical, Logical, and Application Specifications; Industry Support, Prices and Availability; References, Suggested Reading, and Resources.
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Jan 2007
Seminar to run 9am-6pm, Monday, December 11 at the Holiday Inn in Burbank, CA
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Nov 2006
Stephanie Wright | In developing the Cultivated Life DVD, NetBlender created an API that enables content creators to produce dynamic, interactive, Web 2.0-ready Blended DVDs, with an eye to next-generation HD media formats as well.
News/News Feature - Posted 16 Nov 2006 By
Provides high-quality compression of high-definition video for use in HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc products
News/Breaking News - Posted 23 Oct 2006
In a recent interview with EMedialive, Joe Rice, senior technical director at MX Entertainment, describes how one high-end post house worked closely with Sonic Solutions and the High-Definition Authoring Alliance (HDAA) to become a fully functional BD and HD DVD authoring facility.
News/News Feature - Posted 13 Oct 2006 By ,
Website offers solutions to the challenges of High Definition DVD Authoring
News/Breaking News - Posted 02 Oct 2006
Roxio Venue to enable consumers to create protected DVDs of entertainment purchased from online service providers
News/Breaking News - Posted 11 Aug 2006
Application provides streamlined development for new high-capacity DVD format
News/Breaking News - Posted 01 Aug 2006
Debbie Galante Block | After talking to a couple of sources on the authoring side of the HD DVD and Blu-ray equation, I’ve come to a better understanding of why the slow adoption process for the two formats is not necessarily a bad thing.
News/News Feature - Posted 18 Jul 2006
Services range from HD video shooting to disc mass production
News/Breaking News - Posted 12 Jul 2006
DVD Forum-approved technology improves visual quality and delivery efficiency
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jul 2006
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen | Though Roxio's Easy Media Creator might be the overall best in show when it comes to letting novices create impressive video and slideshow DVDs, MovieFactory comes $50 cheaper at $49.99, and scores high for its Multitrim editing, a redesigned GUI featuring an uncluttered new launcher, and an ingenious new Smart Scene Menu.
Editorial/Product Review - Posted 27 Jun 2006 By
New MPEG-4 AVC encoder and Blu-ray-Java authoring system expedite production of Blu-ray titles with 1080p-quality pictures and advanced interactivity
News/Breaking News - Posted 22 Jun 2006
Part of Deluxe Digital Studios' overall expansion into Europe
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 Jun 2006
New Video Partner Program includes referral commissions, 24/7 access to project status, discounts on duplication hardware, and opportunities to win professional-quality gear
News/Breaking News - Posted 05 May 2006
DVD has become the delivery method of choice for most videographers, and more and more are authoring their own discs. Which authoring tools serve videographers best, and how does DVD affect the post-production process?
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Sep 2005 - March 2005 By
Free download creates a preview in seconds and offers style choices
News/Breaking News - Posted 10 Jun 2005
Instructional lectures for beginning or intermediate user available on CD-ROM
News/Breaking News - Posted 07 Dec 2004
Two DVDs will be shipping by mid-November
News/Breaking News - Posted 29 Oct 2004
Ulead’s StudioQuartet included in DV411's HDV editing studio
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2004
Partnership debuts automated RocketDVD Professional DVD production systems
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Oct 2004
New drive also supports dual-layer DVD+R and CD recording
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2004
BurnAway portable combo media player combines CD-R/RW recording and DVD/MP3/CD-Audio playback
News/Breaking News - Posted 24 Sep 2004
This month’s STUDIO TIME profiles Loi Bahn, founder of Vancouver, British Columbia-based studio, bluecore media, and winner of the 2002 and 2003 WEVA Creative Excellence gold medals for DVD authoring.
News/News Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2004 By
It’s easy to miss the headquarters of Purcell Productions, a full-service digital video production studio located in Alta Loma, California. Unless you’re one of the 20 or so freelance camera operators, producers, or video editors whom Purcell employs on a project-by-project basis, you’d probably never even know it’s there.
Column/Case Study - Posted 04 Aug 2004 - August 2004 By
DVD Workshop Express makes it possible to encode any video format to high-quality MPEG.
News/Breaking News - Posted 03 Aug 2004
Doug Graham|How long should a wedding video be? Traditionally, wedding videos were two-and-a-half hours long and included everything, but a growing minority of videographers is producing highly edited, "short-form" videos.
News/News Feature - Posted 02 Aug 2004 - August 2004 By
With InterVideo WinDVD Creator 2 and an HP Pavilion PC equipped with a DVD burner, home and home office users can capture, edit, author, and burn DVDs or VCDs using a single, integrated interface.
News/Breaking News - Posted 15 Jun 2004
Colleen Kelly | Part of what makes today’s consumer-friendly DVD authoring tools so accessible is their success in shielding users from encoding and other techie tasks. But while ignorance may be bliss, aspiring DVD authors can’t do competent commercial work without a working understanding of the encoding process. What’s really happening behind the scenes, and what do you need to know about encoding to produce top-quality results?
Editorial/Feature - Posted 03 Mar 2004 - March 2004 By
Lets customers place short-run DVD duplication orders online
News/Breaking News - Posted 20 Feb 2004
Column/Case Study - Posted 19 Feb 2004 - February 2004 By
Philip De Lancie | The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences brings the evaluation process for sound nominations into the age of DVD.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 19 Feb 2004 - February 2004 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 31 Dec 2003 - January 2004 By
The MPEG engine is based upon a constant VBR encoder and optimized for interlaced video.
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Nov 2003
David Peck's Reelin in the Years Productions set its standards high for their DVD collection of performances from the early 1960s American Folk Blues Festival. The result? A goldmine for blues fans.
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Nov 2003 - November 2003 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 12 Aug 2003 - December 2002 By
News/News Feature - Posted 12 Aug 2003 - December 2002 By
News/News Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2003 - October 2002 By
In a world of do-it-yourselfers, DVD's top studios boast the skills and the tools to get the job done right. But--skills aside--what kind of gear separates the pros from the pretenders?
Editorial/Feature - Posted 11 Aug 2003 - October 2002 By
Cineric, Inc., is offering digital-to-film conversion services for filmmakers requiring high-quality prints for festivals, trade shows and other purposes.
News/Breaking News - Posted 08 Aug 2003
News/News Feature - Posted 08 Aug 2003 - July 2002 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 08 Aug 2003 - July 2002 By
Column/The Editor's Spin - Posted 08 Aug 2003 - July 2002 By
News/News Feature - Posted 08 Aug 2003 - July 2002 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 08 Aug 2003 - August 2003 By
News/News Feature - Posted 08 Aug 2003 - July 2002 By
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Aug 2003 - August 2003 By
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Jul 2003 - July 2003 By
Column/The Editor's Spin - Posted 01 Jul 2003 - July 2003 By
Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. has announced that the Sony Corporation plans to incorporate the Company's G-GUIDE Interactive Program Guide ("IPG") technology, into its world's first Blu-Ray Disc recordable DVD receiver, BDZ-S77, in Japan.
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Mar 2003
Digital Farm, a full service digital media design studio, recently unveiled a new, breakthrough technology designed to elevate and extend DVD technology, enabling a new level of DVD media experience.
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Mar 2003
Sonic Solutions announced at CES that it plans to support HighMAT, the digital media playback technology developed by Microsoft and Matsushita (Panasonic).
News/Breaking News - Posted 28 Jan 2003
CustomFlix Labs, Inc., an innovator in on-demand video and DVD publishing, has announced the CustomFlix DVD Publishing Kit, a special package that lets DVD producers set their content up with CustomFlix in a few steps.
News/Breaking News - Posted 14 Jan 2003
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Feb 2003 - February 2003 By
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Jan 2003 - January 2003 By
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Apr 2003 - April 2003 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Mar 2003 - March 2003 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Jan 2003 - January 2003 By
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Sep 2002 - September 2002 By
DVD hasn't quite replaced VHS in the home-rental arena where Blockbuster stakes its considerable claim. But thanks to the format's random access and programmability, DVD is making it much easier for the rental giant to exploit point-of-purchase video display as a revenue-enhancing profit center. Here's how Blockbuster made DVD work for POP.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Aug 2002 - August 2002 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Sep 2002 - September 2002 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Sep 2002 - September 2002 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 May 2003 - May 2003 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Jan 2001 - January 2001 By
Column/Glass Houses - Posted 01 Jun 2002 - June 2002 By
Column/The Moving Picture - Posted 01 Apr 2002 - April 2002 By
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Feb 2001 - February 2001 By
Column/DVD Between the Lines - Posted 01 Apr 2001 - April 2001 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Apr 2001 - April 2001 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Feb 2001 - February 2001 By
Rarely is a DVD considered in the making of a film, much less conceived in concert. With Final Fantasy, Square Pictures brought in DVD developers Zuma Digital mid-production, and what they created may change not only how DVD is done—but what we now know it can do.
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Feb 2002 - February 2002 By
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Jun 2003 - June 2003 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Jun 2003 - June 2003 By
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Jun 2003 - June 2003 By
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Apr 2001 - April 2001 By
News/News Feature - Posted 01 Feb 2002 - February 2002 By
Editorial/Feature - Posted 01 Mar 2002 - March 2002 By
Column/Case Study - Posted 01 Mar 2002 - March 2002 By