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The Leading Manufacturer of CD-R and DVD-R Technology

MediaFORM is the leading manufacturer of CD-R / DVD-R duplication and publishing systems; offering an extensive line of high quality standalone, automated and network-enabled CD-R/DVD-R duplication and publishing systems. Our standalone and network-enabled systems are used throughout the A/V, graphic arts and data/enterprise networking communities. With an install base of over 17,000 units worldwide, MediaFORM has a long-standing reputation for engineering the finest and most feature rich product line available on the market.

In fact, Fortune 1000 companies such as Microsoft, BellSouth Telecommunications, SmithKline Beecham, Dell Computer, Lockheed Martin, DuPont, General Electric and Disney, as well as high-level government agencies like NASA, the Pentagon and US Postal, use MediaFORM because of its industry leading technology and long-standing reputation for engineering the finest product line available. See how MediaFORM technology is benefiting companies, like these - click here to request free case studies!

Technological Benefits

All MediaFORM products are featured with pioneering CD-R/DVD-R duplication and printing technologies, which define and often surpass industry standards. With intellectual property concerns preoccupying service providers, manufacturers and distributors everywhere, MediaFORM is proud to promote the industry's first professional anti-piracy duplication drive. The exclusive SmartDRIVE technology not only duplicates at 24X speed, but also provides many features to ensure intellectual property protection. Plus, SmartDRIVE effectively handles smaller CD formats such as Business Card CD-Rs and 80mm discs.

With MediaFORM's exclusive SmartDRIVE™ technology, customers can take full advantage of several drive enhancements and anti-piracy features such as:

  • Copy Protection - protects content developers from revenue loss through casual illegal pirating of intellectual property.
  • Electronic Watermarking - An effective "fingerprint" ensures traceability of each CD by marking the date, time and drive id number outside the recordable are of the CD.
  • SmartGuardMEDIA™ - recognizes media types and brands which allows for complete control of media usage and inventory
  • Audio Click Detection - exposes sub-par quality masters by exposing "clicks"
  • Frame Accurate Recording - ensures exact frame-by-frame copies of audio and data masters

MediaFORM Products

MediaFORM offers an extensive line of CD-R and DVD-R duplicators and printers. Our product line is as follows:

  • DIRECTOR Series
    As the most advanced disc-on-demand, network-enable publishing systems available, MediaFORM's DIRECTOR product line combines unique CD and/or DVD imaging and duplication with in-line color printing and remote client access in an easy-to-use, versatile environment.

  • The 3000 Series
    The 3000 Series offers powerful, yet economical standalone automated duplication systems. All five models in the 3000 Series are as easy to use as a photocopier; requiring minimal user involvement and feature MediaFORM's revolutionary 24X SmartDRIVEä technology.

  • The 5000 Series
    Requiring no PC, these sleekly designed standalone towers duplicate up to 16 CDs or up to 8 DVDs simultaneously. The 5000 Series offers cost-effective production solutions with simple-to-use features including one-button operation and duplication of all current formats, from original master, local hard drive image, or import from another source

  • The SCRIBE Series (View a streaming video of the SCRIBE in action…click here!)
    SCRIBE, MediaFORM's new desktop series, offers professional grade automated duplication and/or printing in one flexible, compact, and amazingly affordable footprint. The SCRIBE™ can be configured for CD-R only, CD-R and DVD-R, and/or automated disc printing. Unlike any other system on the market, the SCRIBE is engineered to accommodate a variety of inkjet and/or thermal printers including: the Primera Signature Pro and Primera Signature IV inkjet printers, as well as the MediaFORM Spectrum and the Primera Inscripta thermal transfer printers. SCRIBE offers the best of both disc worlds, along with unprecedented versatility and value.

Printing Options

MediaFORM offers two fully integrated, automated printing options to meet your printing needs: the 1301 i/t and the SCRIBE print station. An ideal partner for MediaFORM's standalone towers and standalone automated systems, both the SCRIBE and 1301 i/t offer a station capable of handling CD-R and DVD-R prints in a single, unattended process.

Worldwide Customer Service and Support

Because our customers are located across the globe, MediaFORM has invested great effort to provide quality sales, customer and technical support. Regardless of whether your offices are in Canada, Mexico or the farthest reaches of New Zealand, MediaFORM's products are readily available through an international network of quality channel partners. To request more information on the MediaFORM product line, click here or to locate a MediaFORM dealer, please click here.

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