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The Authoritative HD DVD FAQ
Posted Jul 19, 2006 Print Version     Page 1of 1

Last revised 10/16/2009
0. FAQ Updates
I. General Information
     a. What is HD DVD?
II. Physical, Logical, and Application Specifications
     a. What specifications govern HD DVD discs?
     b. What HD DVD formats are available?
     c. What file systems are used on HD DVD discs?
d. What are HD DVD-ROM/DVD-ROM Combo and Twin discs?
     e. Is there an HD DVD-ROM version being developed specifically for the Chinese market?
     f. What is the UDO-DMD professional mastering format?
     g. What is a Total Hi Def Disc?
     h. What is a 3x-speed DVD-ROM disc?
     i. What are Performance Level 1 and 2 HD DVD players?
     j. What video codecs does the HD DVD-Video format support?
     k. What audio codecs does the HD DVD-Video format support?
     l. What audio codecs must all HD DVD players decode?
     m. How do HD DVD, BD and DVD video formats and player requirements compare?
III. Recording and Reading Speed
     a. At what speed are HD DVD discs written and read?
     b. How much time does it take to write an HD DVD-R, HD DVD-RW or HD DVD-RAM disc?
     c. What rotational schemes do HD DVD discs employ?
     d. How might reading and writing speeds progress in the future?
IV. Disc Capacity
     a. What size and capacities of HD DVD discs are available?
     b. How much information can actually be stored on a HD DVD disc?
V. Disc Construction and Manufacturing
     a. How is an HD DVD-ROM disc constructed? 
b. How is an HD DVD-R disc constructed?
     c. How is an HD DVD-RAM disc constructed?
VI. Compatibility
     a. Are HD DVD devices compatible with CDs and DVDs?
     b. Are Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD compatible with each other?
     c. What is "book type" or "disk category"?
     d. What computer operating system is required to play HD DVD movies?
     e. What type of computer software is required to play HD DVD movies?
     f. How much computer system memory is required to play HD DVD movies?
     g. What type of computer CPU is required to play HD DVD movies?
     h. What type of graphics card is required to play HD DVD movies?
     i. What firmware updates are available for HD DVD players, drives and recorders?
     j. What types of HD DVD-Video discs can be played on HD DVD players?
VII. Disc Longevity
     a. How long will data on an HD DVD disc remain readable?
VIII. Device Connections
a. What type of video outputs do consumer electronics HD DVD video players offer?  
b. What issues are raised when playing commercial HD DVD movies over analog and digital video connections?
     c. What is HDMI?
     d. What is HDCP?
IX. Industry Support, Prices, and Availability
     a. What companies create and support HD DVD formats?
b. What movie studios, music publishers, and distributors support HD DVD?
     c. How much do consumer electronics HD DVD players and game consoles cost?
     d. How much do HD DVD consumer electronics recorders cost?
     e. How much do HD DVD-ROM drives cost?
f.  How much do commercial HD DVD movie titles cost? 
g. How much do blank HD DVD discs cost?
     h. How much do HD DVD computer recorders cost?
     i. What companies manufacture HD DVD-ROM discs?
     j. What companies provide HD DVD verification services?
     k. How much does HD DVD-Video authoring software cost?
X.  Copying Deterrents and Content Protection
     a. What is Regional Playback Control?

XI. References, Suggested Reading, and Resources
     a. Articles and Columns
     b. Technical and White Papers
     c. Presentations
     d. Books
     e. Specifications, Standards, and Government Regulations
     f.  Licensing, Specifications, and Standards Organizations
     g. High Definition and Digital Television Information

The Authoritative HD DVD FAQ
Hugh Bennett

Information contained in this document has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. The author does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of such information. Responsibility for the use of the contents shall remain with the user and not with the author.

Copyright © Hugh Bennett, 2006-2009. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced, distributed or stored in any form by any means without express written permission of the author. Framing, inlining, or similar techniques are strictly prohibited.

Trademark Notice
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About the Author
Hugh Bennett is president of Forget Me Not Information Systems Inc., an optical storage reseller, systems integrator and consultant based in London, Ontario, Canada. An internationally respected industry analyst, researcher, author and educator, Hugh is also publisher and editor-in-chief of Hugh’s News as well as a contributing editor and columnist for EMediaLive and EventDV magazine. A past contributing editor and columnist for CD-ROM Professional, EMedia Professional, and TapeDisc Business, Hugh has authored numerous white papers, studies and educational campaigns, among them, The Authoritative Blu-ray Disc (BD) FAQ, available on, as well as Understanding CD-R & CD-RW and Understanding Recordable & Rewritable DVD, published by the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA).


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