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Sony Introduces Eight New DVD Players

March 16, 2021 | Sony's new DVD Dream System, the DAV-S300, features a DVD/CD player and reciever in one unit, a subwoofer, and five satellite speakers. The full 5.1 channel system incorporates a 180 watt digital amplifier, an AM/FM reciever and both Dolby Digital and dts decoding. The DAV-S300 will be available for approximately $600. The SA-VAD900 combines a five-disc DVD changer with built-in floor standing speakers and a 200 watt amplifier. Additionally, the system includes a digital AM/FM tuner, an optical input, and two video inputs. The SA-VAD900 will be available for approximately $1,000. Sony's "Home Theater in a Box" packages include the HT-5000D with a five-disc DVD changer, and the HT-1200D with a single-disc player. Both models feature Sony's Precision Drive system, SmoothScan picture search, and Custom Parental Control system. The HT-5000D and HT-1200D will be available for approximately $800 and $700, respectively.

Sony's DAV-L8000 features a DVD player, a Dolby Pro Logic reciever with 5.1 channel inputs and digital tuner, micro satellite speakers, and a seperate subwoofer. The unit is housed in a rack with metallic posts and tempered glass shelves. The DAV-L8000 is expected to sell for $1,000. The R-7000 features a five-disc DVD changer, a reciever, and a high-speed cassette dubbung deck housed in a 37-inch rack. The R-6000 features a single-disc DVD player, a reciever with 5.1 channel inputs, and front, center, and surround speakers. Both the R-7000 and the R-6000 feature Dolby Digital and Pro Logic decoding. The R-7000 is expected to sell for approximately $1,000, while the R-6000 is expected to sell for approximately $800. The DHC-ZX70DVD mini-system features a five-disc DVD changer, full Logic dual cassette decks, a digital tuner with 20 FM and 10 AM station presets, CD text for compatible discs, and a video input for VCR connection. The DHC-ZX70DVD is expected to sell for approximately $700.

(Sony Electronics, Inc., 3300 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134; 408/955-5068; Fax 408/955-5340; http://www.sony.com)

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