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Microsoft Announces The X-Box Gaming Console

March 16, 2021 | Microsoft Corporation has announced its X-Box gaming console, to be released in 2001. The X-Box will feature a 600mHz Intel Pentium processor, a 4X DVD-ROM drive, a 300mHz graphics processor to be co-designed by Microsoft and nVidia, 64MB of RAM, a 100MBps Ethernet adapter, an 8GB hard disk, and an 8MB memory card. The console will feature Microsoft's DirectX API, and supports DVD movie playback. The console also features four game ports, and an optional modem, mouse, and keyboard as add-ons. Pricing for the X-Box has not yet been determined.

(Microsoft Corporation, 10500 Northeast 8th Street, Suite 1300, Bellevue, WA 98004; 800/426-9400, 425/705-1900; Fax 425/705-1831; http://www.microsoft.com)

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