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MacMedic Utilities Enables Panasonic DVD-RAM Backup

April 05, 2020 | The Total Recall Software Division of Total Recall Data Recovery, Inc. has announced that its MacMedic drive utitlity supports backup to and data recovery from the Panasonic 5.2GB DVD-RAM drive. Users can schedule complete regular backups, or incremental backups that are limited to new or changed files. The software also provides tools for the recovery of directories and individual files that have been deleted or lost. In addition to backup/recovery support, MacMedic includes utilities for system configuration management, disk diagnostics for repair, optimization, and defragmentation, and HFS to HFS+ conversion. The software also has a feature that allows repairs to be undone. MacMedic and the professional version, MacMedic Pro, are available for the Apple Macintosh at $69.95 and $149.95, respectively.

(Total Recall Software, 2462 Waynoka Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80915; 719/380-1616; http://www.macpitstop.com. Panasonic Industrial Company, 1600 McCandless Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035; 408/945-5600; Fax 408/262-4214; http://www.panasonic.com/oemdvd-ram)

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