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Yamaha Announces 16X Recorder

October 4, 2020 | Yamaha Corporation of America has trumped the competition by delivering the world's first 16X CD recorder announcement, unveiling its LightSpeed CRW2100 Series of CD-R/RW recorders. The drives feature 16X write, 10X rewrite, and 40X max read speeds. The 40X max CD reading is also the highest in any CD recording device announced to date. The CRW2100 Series makes use of partial Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) technology for reading different CD formats, which is a combination of CAV and Constant Linear Velocity (CLV) technologies. For rewriting CD-RWs, the drives utilize the full CAV method, as did Yamaha's preceding models which wrote CD-RW at 8X Max speed.

The CRW2100 series applies Yamaha's PurePhase Laser system, which compensates for glare during recording and helps to reduce jitter. The drives also feature Yamaha's Optimum Write Speed Control, which checks a disc's capability and the recording condition, and then selects the optimum writing speed. The drives are also equipped with Yamaha's Waste-Proof Write Strategy, a proprietary buffer underrun protection scheme akin to Sanyo's Burn-Proof that users can apply optionally when sufficient continuous data flow may be in jeopardy. To further guard against mishap, the CRW2100 series will include an 8MB data buffer.

The CRW2100 series will feature four models: the internal CRW2100EZ (ATAPI), which will be available in mid-October 2000, the internal CRW2100SZ (Ultra SCSI) which will be available in late October 2000, the external CRW2100SXZ (Ultra SCSI) which will be available in late November 2000, and the external CRW2100FXZ (FireWire) which will be available in early December 2000. Yamaha also plans to introduce 74 and 80-minute 16X CD-R media in October 2000. The drives will be bundled with Adaptec's Easy CD Creator, Direct CD, and Toast, as well as Adobe's ActiveShare, Photo Deluxe, and the Neato CD Labeling Kit.

(Yamaha Corporation of America, Consumer Products Division, 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620; 714/522-9011; Fax 714/228-3913; http://www.yamaha.com)

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