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M2 Launches the SQR 3

M2 Engineering has announced the SQR 3, a system for inline manufacturing of recordable DVD and CD optical discs, including DVD-R and CD-R. For CD-R production, the SQR 3 is equipped with three manufacturing modules, and the cycle time can be decreased to less than two seconds per disc. For inline DVD-R production, the SQR 3 is fitted with three molding machines and two manufacturing modules. The device is also equipped with M2’s CenterBond technology, which allows DVD-R discs to be bonded all the way to the center hole. The SQR 3 also features M2’s SpinCure technology, which helps to achieve a uniform bonding layer.

(M2 Engineering AB, P.O. Box 67, 163 91 Spånga, Sweden; +46-8-506-560-00; Fax +46-8-506-560-10;

Memorex Announces 16X CD-R Media

Memorex has introduced its new 16X CD-R media. Memorex’ 16X discs are backward-compatible with 4X, 8X, and 12X recorders, and feature a capacity of 700MB (80 minutes). The media will be available in a full-size jewel case, slim jewel case packs, and large-quantity spindle configurations.

(Memorex, 10100 Pioneer Boulevard, Suite 110, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670; 562/906-2800; Fax 562/906-2848;

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