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2001 Conference Calendar

Compiled by Michelle Manafy (michellem@onlineinc.com)


2-4 DIMA Live Deusseldorf, Germany; http://www.dima.com)
5-9 CEDIA Expo (Indianapolis, IN; http://www.cedia.org)
9-11 Web Search University (Reston, VA; http://www.websearchu.com)
12-14 Narm Fall Conference (Bal Harbour, Fl; http://www.narm.com)
12-14 Infocomm Europe (Cologne, Germany; http://www.ica.org)
12-14 NARM Fall Conference 2001, Bal Harbour FL; http://www.narm.com)
13-18 IBC (Amsterdam, The Netherlands; http://www.ibc.org)
21-24 111th AES Convention (New York, NY; http://www.aes.org)
24-28 Seybold (San Francisco, CA; http://www.key3media.com/seyboldseminars/)


2 Sonic DVD Fundamentals Series (various dates and locations, http://www.sonic.com/)
8-9 Storage Area Networks Seminar (Denver, CO; http://www.evaluatorgroup.com/)
8-10 Distance Learning 2001 (Madison, WI; http://www.corpu.com/conferences/)
22-23 DVD Entertainment 2001 (Universal City, CA; http://www.recordingmedia.org/)
27-30 LinuxWold (San Francisco, CA; http://www.linuxworldexpo.com/)
28-29 2001 Business & Technology Solutions Show (Rosemont, IL; http://www.icpas.org/icpas/show/showprvw.htm/)

JULY 2001

11-13 COMDEX Canada (Toronto, Canada; http://www.key3media.com)
17-20 MacWorld Expo (New York, NY; http://www.macworldexpo.com)
21-23 NAMM Summer Session (Nashville, TN; http://www.namm.org)
22-25 Work Process/2001 Summit (New Orleans, LA; http://www.tawpi.org)
24-26 CleanRooms/DataStor Asia (Singapore; http://www.cleanrooms.com)
24-26 Education Technology 2001 (Arlington, VA; http://www.salt.org)
30-31 DVD PRO and TechVideo Expo (Monterey, CA;.http://www.dvdpro.net)
30-31 V2B-Video to Business Conference (Montery, CA; http://www.v2bconference.com)

JUNE 2001

3-7 Supercomm 2001(Atlanta, GA; http://www.supercomm2001.com)
5-6 DVD Technology Seminar (Longmont, CO: http://www.KnowledgeTek.com)
5-6 Enterprise Storage Seminar (Denver, CO; http://www.evaluatorgroup.com)
6-8 NetWorld+Interop Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan; http://www.sbforums.com.jp/interop/)
13-15 Infocommm (Las Vegas, NV; http://www.infocomm.org)
18-19, Vircomm (San Francisco CA; http://www.vir-comm.com)
20-22 Streaming Media West (Long Beach, CA; http://www.streamingmedia.com/west/)
24-28 JCDL 2001 (Roanoake, VA; http://www.jcdl.org)
25-28 PC Expo (New York, NY; http://www.pcexpo.com)
26-27 Second Annual Storage Area Network Summit (New York, NY; http://www.creative-expos.com)
26-28 REPLitech Europe (Geneva, Switzerland; http://www.replitech.com)
27-29 Data Storage Expo & Conference (Tokyo, Japan; http://www.reedexpo.co.jp/ds)

MAY 2001

5-8 Taipei International DVD & Optoelectronics Show 2001 (Taipei, Taiwan; http://www.cetra.org.tw/taipeiopto)
5-9 Corporate Universities 2001 (Las Vegas, NV; http://www.corpu.com/conferences)
6-11 NetWorld+Interop 2001 (Las Vegas, NV; http://www.key3media.com/interop)
*11-13 Home Entertainment (New York, NY; http://www.homeentertainment-expo.com)
12-15 AES Convention (Amsterdam, Netherlands; http://www.aes.org)
13-20 SANS 2001 (Baltimore, MD; http://www.sans.org)
17-19 E3 (Los Angeles, CA; http://www.e3expo.com)
20-23 IRMA International Conference (Toronto, Canada; http://www.irma-international.org)
22-25 110th AES Convention (Amsterdam; the Netherlands; http://www.aes.org)
23-24 IDC Storage Forum (San Jose, CA; http://www.idc.com)
23-24 Digital Media Expo (Minneapolis, MN; http://www.dmexpo.com)
23-24 Strictly Business Computer Expo (Minneapolis, MN; http://www.strictlybusinessexpo.com)
23-25 Communications Solutions Expo (Washington, D.C.; http://www.tmcnet.com/comsolexpo)

APRIL 2001

2-3 Buying & Selling EContent (Scottsdale, AZ; http://www.buy-sell-econtent.com)
2-5 COMDEX/Spring 2001 (Chicago, IL; http://www.comdex.com)
9-11 Storage Networking World (Palm Desert, CA: http://www.computerworld.com/snw)
9-13 Seybold Boston (Boston, MA; http://www.seyboldseminars.com)
11-13 Replication Asia 2001 (New Delhi, India; http://www.opticaldisc-systems.com)
19-20 DVD Europe 2001 (London, UK; http://www.dvdeurope2001.com)
17-20 eLearning (Washington, DC; http://www.teleconexpos.com)
21-26 NAB 2001 (Las Vegas, NV; http://www.nab.org)
30-2 Extranets 2001 (Santa Clara, CA; http://www.extranets2001.com)
30-3 AIIM 2001 (New York, NY; http://www.aiim.org)

MARCH 2001

5-7 Presentations '2001 Conference & Exposition Atlanta, GA; http://www.presentations.com)
6 Digital Download (Washington, DC; http://www.ce.org/events)
6-8 Computer Telephony Expo 2001 (Los Angeles, CA)
7-9 Networld+Interop (Sydney, Australia; http://www.interop.com.au)
11-14 NARM Annual Convention (Orlando, FL; http://www.narm.com)
19-22 Internet Entertainment Expo (Las Vegas, NV; http://www.iexpo2001.com)
20-24 Game Developers Conference 2001 (San Jose, CA; http://www.gdconf.com)
22-28 CeBit (Hannover, Germany; www4.cebit.de)


4-7 Designing a Virtual University (San Francisco, CA; http://www.corpu.com/conferences)
6-7 DVD Technology Seminar (Longmont, CO; http://www.knowledgetek.com)
11-14 Millia 2001 (Cannes, France; +33 141 90 44 76; http://www.milia.com)
11-14 PMA 2001 (Orlando, FL; http://www.pmai.org)
18-20 DVDA International Conference (Las Vegas, NV; http://www.dvda.org)
19-22 Enterprise Intelligence Summit (Orlando, CL; http://www.aiim.org)
20-22 REPLItech (Los Angeles, CA; http://www.m3online.com)
21-25 Irma's 31st Annual Media Forum (Indian Wells, CA; http://www.recordingmedia.org)
26-27 IDC's European Telecoms Forum 2001 (Rome, Italy; http://www.idc.com)


6-9 2001 International CES (Las Vegas, NV; http://www.cesweb.org)
9-12 Macworld Conference & Expo (San Francisco, CA; http://www.macworldexpo.com)
17-19 IC Packaging Expo (Tokyo, Japan; http://www.reedexpo.com)
18-21 NAMM International Music Market (Anaheim, CA; http://www.namm.com)
20-22 FOSE (Washington, D.C.; http://www.fose.com)
21-25 MIDEM 2001 (Cannes, France; http://www.midem.com)
22-23 Storage Networking World/Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan; http://www.idg.com)
29-1, Comnet (Washington, DC; http://www.comnetexpo.com)
30-2 LinuxWold (New York, NY; http://www.linuxworldexpo.com)

Compiled by Michelle Manafy (michellem@onlineinc.com).

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