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May 30, 2020 - Volume 3, Issue 10
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  1. Conspiracy Theory: New eCabinet Partnerships eMerge
  2. The DVD+RW Alliance Announces Write-Once DVD+R Discs
  3. Panasonic Announces Combination DVD-R/RAM Drive
  4. VOB Information Systems Releases InstantCD/DVD6
  5. Heuris Announces MPEG Power Professional-HD
  6. RPA Unveils Hand-Held DVD Disc Counter

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Conspiracy Theory: New eCabinet Partnerships eMerge

All of the conspiracy theory zealots that are worried that technology is allowing employers to monitor further the activities of their employees may have a new cause for concern--Ricoh Silicon Valley (RSV)'s eCabinet. Of course, the eCabinet, which attaches to a network and corrals, catalogs, stores, and keeps records of all documents distributed on network-connected devices--from emails to photocopies to printed pages to faxes--has been available for quite some time now. But what has made headlines recently is a string of new partnerships that Ricoh has formed that expand the capabilities of the device to near big-brother proportions.

In recent months, Ricoh Silicon Valley has announced collaborations with companies including Rimage, Axis Communications, HP, and TROY Group. Far less intrusive than ceiling-mounted cameras, the $13,995 eCabinet--a DVD-RAM-based document-capture system--allows almost everything that passes across the network to be captured and stored either on the device's internal hard drive or on a DVD-RAM disc. Documents can be captured from network-attached devices including email, faxes, print files, scans, photocopies, and client PCs. "We view the eCabinet as more of a workgroup product, ideal for offices of less than 50 people," says Kathryn Douglas, Director of Business Development at Ricoh Silicon Valley. "The fact that data can be replicated from one eCabinet to another allows many eCabinets at different locations to be backed up to one." RSV has also announced version 2.x of its eCabinet solution.

The company's strategic agreement with Rimage Corporation allows the eCabinet to be combined with Rimage's Desktop 800 CD-R publisher autoloader and printer. Based on predetermined triggers such as the size of the folder, time of day, or other parameters, the Desktop 800 will automatically back up the data from the eCabinet onto a CD-R, and will also print a custom label to identify the archived content. This bundle, which allows data to be archived on inexpensive CD-R media as well as DVD-RAM, affords administrators even more options when choosing what data to keep and what to discard. "A lot of small offices that don't have a large backup infrastructure will go ahead and just use the integrated DVD-RAM drive for backup," says Douglas. "The upcoming rack-mountable device will not include an integrated backup solution, and that's one reason that we are working on vendor integration."

Independent of the Rimage agreement, RSV and Axis Communications have also announced a partnership to combine the eCabinet with the AXIS 7000 Network Document Server. The AXIS 7000, in conjunction with a scanner, allows documents to be scanned and digitized directly to the network.

Not even analog faxes are safe from the ever-watching eye, as Ricoh has also announced a fax management solution that combines the eCabinet with TROY Group, Inc.'s FaxtraNet, a device that connects a standard fax machine to an existing standalone PC or network.

(Ricoh Silicon Valley, 4 Results Way, Cupertino, CA 95014-5924; 408/346-4500; Fax 408/346-4575; http://3rsv.ricoh.com. Rimage Corporation, 7725 Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55439; 612/944-8144; Fax 612/944-7808; http://www.rimage.com. Axis Communications, Inc., 100 Apollo Drive, Chelmsford, MA 01824; 800/444-2947, 978/614-2000; Fax 978/614-2100; http://www.axis.com)

--Stephen Clark Jr.

The DVD+RW Alliance Announces Write-Once DVD+R Discs

The DVD+RW Alliance has announced the standardization of DVD+R, write-once discs that will be compatible with rewritable DVD+RW drives. The discs will offer a capacity of 4.7GB, and "With rewritable CD technology, consumers preferred a choice between rewritable discs and those that can be written only once, for permanent storage," says John Spofford, vice president and general manager, HP Personal Storage Solutions. "Given this, the DVD+RW Alliance will support a write-once DVD+R capability." The first DVD+RW drives were scheduled, as of this writing, to ship in September 2001.

(DVD+RW Alliance, http://www.dvdrw.com)

Panasonic Announces Combination DVD-R/RAM Drive

Panasonic has announced the first combination DVD-R/RAM drive, the DVDBurner. The ATAPI drive will support writing 4.7GB General Use DVD-R discs, as well as 4.7GB and 2.6GB DVD-RAM discs. DVD-R and 2.6GB DVD-RAM media can be written at 1X, and 4.7GB DVD-RAM media at 2X. The drive can read DVD-ROMs at 6X, CD-ROMs and CD-Rs at 24X, and CD-RWs at 12X. The drive also features a 1MB data buffer, an average seek time for DVD-RAM of 75ms, and an average seek time for DVD-R/ROM and CD media of 65ms. Panasonic expects the drive's MSRP to be set under $600.

(Panasonic Industrial Company, 1600 McCandless Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA; 408/945-5600; Fax 408/262-4214; http://www.panasonic.com)

VOB Information Systems Releases InstantCD/DVD6

VOB Information Systems, Inc. has released InstantCD/DVD6, the newest version of its software for creating CDs and DVDs. InstantCD/DVD6 supports writing to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, and DVD-R devices, and also supports BURN-Proof and JustLink devices, as well as the ability to write to multiple recorders simultaneously. The software also features VOB's InstantBackup program, support for RAW copies, UDF packet writing, and DVD Photo Album support. VOB's InstantCD/DVD6 is available at an estimated retail price of $79.99.

(VOB Information Systems, Inc., 66 East Laurel Avenue, Sierra Madre, CA 91024, USA; 626/836-5467; Fax 626/355-0189; http://www.vobinc.com)

Heuris Announces MPEG Power Professional-HD

Heuris has announced the newest addition to its line of MPEG encoding products, the MPEG Power Professional-HD. MPEG Power Professional-HD allows users to encode QuickTime files directly to ATSC HDTV resolution, 19.2Mbps MPEG. Heuris' MPEG Power Professional-HD is expected to be available in Q4 of 2001.

(Heuris, 555 Washington Avenue, 1st Floor, St. Louis, MO 63101, USA; 800/923-9232, 314/534-1514; Fax 314/534-4351; http://www.heuris.com)

RPA Unveils Hand-Held DVD Disc Counter

Record Products of America has unveiled the Model P-131, a hand-held DVD disc counter. The Model P-131 utilizes solid state laser technology, and performs stack measurement in three different ways. The 4-pound device displays the three independent measurements, as well as the calculated measurement.

(Record Products of America, 700 Sherman Avenue, Hamden, CT 06514, USA; 203/248-6371; Fax 203/248-3733; http://www.recordproducts.com)

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