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May 03, 2020 - Volume 3, Issue 8
Sponsored By: Digital Media Net


  1. Canopus Announces Storm Rack
  2. Sonic and MedioStream Announce Bundle
  3. MindComet Launches New DVD Division
  4. Toolex And Philips Partner For DVD+RW Disc Manufacturing Development
  5. CineMaster DTV Selected by TI for CompleteTV Project

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Canopus Announces Storm Rack

Canopus Corporation has announced Storm Rack, a real-time rack-mountable editing solution based on DVStorm. Storm Rack offers real-time editing, real-time DV and analog capture and output, MPEG output for DVD and Web streaming, and a suite of 3D effects and digital video production tools. The device includes Canopus' StormEdit software, the Xplode Professional 3D video effects software plug-in, Sonic Foundry's ACID Style audio software, Adobe Premiere 6.0, and Spruce's SpruceUp! DVD authoring software. The company's SoftMPG encoder is also included to allow MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams to be created directly from StormEdit or Premiere. Video can be captured through 1394/i.LINK, S-video, or Composite connectors. Storm Rack is powered by dual 1gHz Pentium III processors, with 1GB of PC133 RAM, two Canopus Spectra series 3D graphics cards for dual monitor capability, a 30GB hard disk and 60GB disk array, a Storm Bay breakout box, and a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combination drive. Canopus' Storm Rack is available at an estimated retail price of $6,999.

(Canopus Corporation, 711 Charcot Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131; 408/954-4500; Fax 408/954-4504; http://www.canopuscorp.com)

Sonic and MedioStream Announce Bundle

Sonic Solutions has announced that MedioStream, Inc. will bundle Sonic MyDVD with its CAMpeg RT MPEG-2 transcoding software. The bundle will also include MedioStream's IEEE-1394 FireWire adapter and cable. CAMpeg RT enables users to capture and encode full D1-resolution MPEG-2 video from DV sources in real time. Once captured, Sonic MyDVD is used to author and publish DVD titles on DVD or CD media. MedioStream's CAMpeg RT bundle will be available at an estimated retail price of $199.

(MedioStream, Inc., 2107 N. 1st Street, Suite 530, San Jose, CA 95131; 408/452-5500; Fax 408/452-5522; http://www.mediostream.com. Sonic Solutions, Inc., 101 Rowland Way, Novato, CA 94945, USA; 415/893-8000; Fax 415/893-8008; http://www.sonic.com)

MindComet Launches New DVD Division

MindComet Corporation has announced the formation of a new division to provide corporate DVD development services. The new division, DVDDev, will specialize in transforming static sales, marketing, and training content into dynamic DVD experiences. The division will offer a full array of services from DVD authoring to package design and replication.

(MindComet Corporation, 500 Winderley Place, Suite 115, Maitland, FL 32751; 407/838-1010; Fax 407/838-1011; http://www.mindcomet.com)

Toolex And Philips Partner For DVD+RW Disc Manufacturing Development

Toolex International N.V. has announced the development of manufacturing equipment for DVD+RW discs. Expertise of Philips' Optical Disc Technology Centre (ODTC) will be used to optimize the integrated production system. The system will be available by Q3 2001.

(Philips Electronics, 3200 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95134, USA; 408/570-5644; Fax 408/570-5757; http://www.philips.com. Toolex International N.V., Strawinskylaan 2001, 1077 ZZ Amsterdam, P.O. Box 75640, 1070 AP Amsterdam; 0 20 546 0255; http://www.toolex.com)

CineMaster DTV Selected by TI for CompleteTV Project

Ravisent Technologies, Inc. has announced that Texas Instruments is featuring Ravisent's CineMaster DTV playback solution as part of the TI CompleteTV project. TI is integrating the Ravisent CineMaster DTV solution to enable broadcast video and Internet entertainment to appear simultaneously on the screen. CineMaster DTV includes the CineMaster Broadcast Stream Manager providing a DirectShow, 2.0-compliant MPEG-2 transport demultiplexer supporting all ATSC and DVB-compliant forms of video, audio, and data.

(Ravisent Technologies, Inc., 205 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA 19355; 800/700-0362, 610/251-9999; Fax 610/695-2592; http://www.ravisent.com)

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