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Volume 1, Issue 1 - December 7, 2020


Sponsored by: MediaFORM


SCRIBE (skrib)

1. A public clerk or secretary, especially in ancient times.
2. A professional copyist of manuscripts and documents.
3. A versatile CD-R or DVD-R duplication system by MediaFORM which can accommodate an array of inkjet and thermal printers. Can create playable DVD Videos from title sets, duplicate Business card CD-Rs and perform asynchronous duplication and printing. Also features Relay Mode technology that allows users to duplicate and print multiple masters in one unattended process.

The SCRIBE Series: Where Value and Versatiltiy are Defined

(For more information see:

Sharp Announces New XGA LCD Projector

Sharp Electronics Corp. has announced the NotevisionC40 LCD projector (XG-C40XU), a mid-sized projector. The NotevisionC40 features 1024 x 768 (XGA) resolution, and brightness of 2000 ANSI lumens. The 10.6-pound projector is DTV-compatible and offers separate composite and S-video inputs, as well as two separate data inputs for PC or Mac. The projector also offers Sharp's PresenterPAK feature set, which includes a customizable start-up screen, break timer, for meeting control, and presentation support tools. Sharp's NotevisionC40 is available at an estimated list price of $6,295.

(Sharp Electronics Corporation, 1 Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430-USA; 201/529-8200;


Pinnacle Systems' CineWave RT Now Available

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of CineWave RT. The software now allows users to perform keyframe image control and motion effects, as well as create transitions on up to two tracks of video and two tracks of graphics with alpha channels in real-time. The software's real-time powered effects and transitions can be mastered out to tape without rendering, and also allows users to perform real-time effects on any combination of CineOffline SD resolutions and full, uncompressed clips within the same sequence without rendering. CineWave RT includes a full version of Apple's Final Cut Pro, Commotion Pro, Knoll Light Factory, the TARGA Cine Engine, and the CineWave RT software.

(Pinnacle Systems, Inc., 650/526-1600;


PowerFile Announces the R200 Backup Solution

PowerFile, Inc. has released the PowerFile R200 backup solution. The DVD-RAM-based PowerFile R200 provides a 200-disc capacity, and provides 850GB of native storage (1.6TB with 2:1 compression). Besides writing to DVD-RAM, the drive can also read many CD and DVD formats, and also features unattended automated backup and a library search tool to find and restore backed-up files. Additional PowerFile R200s can be daisy-chained to expand storage. PowerFile's R200 is available at an MSRP of $3,750.


Apple Announces Final Cut Pro 3

Apple has announced Final Cut Pro 3, the company's professional video editing software. Final Cut Pro 3 offers real-time effects on G4 Macs (500mHz or higher), and also features OfflineRT, an offline format that holds up to five times as much footage as the DV format. Other features of the software include a new voice-over tool for audio capture directly to the timeline; a new auto-save vault, which saves and time-stamps projects at user specified intervals; integrated compositing, including After Effects plug-in support; QuickView, a preview mode that allows editors to preview complex effects; new 3D titling and effects from Boris and CGM; and the PeakDV audio editing tool from Bias, which provides VST plug-in support and time compression/expansion for fitting audio to video. Final Cut Pro 3 will be available for both Mac OS X and OS 9.22, and carries an MSRP of $999. Registered users of Final Cut Pro can upgrade for $299.


Sherlock Unveils DVD Production System

Panasonic has announced that Sherlock Systems, Inc. is including Panasonic's DVDBurner with its new sherStation DVD workstation. The sherStation is a Windows XP-based system that features a 1.6gHz Pentium IV CPU with 256MB of RAM, a 30GB hard drive, and an ATI All in Wonder 128 Pro 32MB capture card. The system also incorporates Intel's Integrated DV MT graphics support and ADI audio codec. sherStation includes Sonic's DVDit! SE, CyberLink's PowerDVD, PowerVCR, and PowerDirector. Sherlock's sherStation DVD is available at an estimated list price of $1,690.


Rimage Unveils New Producer II DVD-R Solution

Rimage Corporation has unveiled new automated DVD-R solutions that feature Pioneer's AO3 DVD-R general use drives as part of its Producer II line. The new solutions will also feature Rimage's new ProNET software with QuickDisc user interface. QuickDisc is a CD/DVD application that uses a drag-and-drop interface. Also new on the systems is a FireWire interface, and all Producer II systems ship with Rimage's Everest printer. Producer II equipment will continue to be available with Pioneer's S-201 DVD-R authoring drives. Rimage's Producer II systems are available starting at $11,450.


Verbatim Announces 32X CD-R Media

Verbatim Corporation has announced new DataLifePlus CD-R discs that provide full 32X recording. The 80-minute media features Verbatim's "Super Azo" recording dye. In addition to 32X drives, the media can also be used with CD-R drives at speeds ranging from 1X to 24X. The media will be available in single and multiple-disc packages with ultra-slim cases, jewel cases, and spindles.


Ravisent Unveils iDVD

Ravisent Technologies, Inc. has announced the release of iDVD. iDVD enables PC users to capture, encode, edit, author, and burn home video on recordable CD or DVD drives. The iDVD suite includes Ravisent's CinePlayer DVD 4.0 and neoDVDstandard 2.0 from MedioStream, Inc. The software works with Windows 98 SE, 2000, ME, and XP.


DISC, Inc. Announces The DVD-RAM Capacity Doubler

DISC, Inc. has announced a new feature for the NSM series libraries that will double the storage capacity in its DVD-RAM libraries. The Capacity Doubler will be available as an option for the NSM2000 and NSM3000 models, and will be standard in the NSM4000 and NSM6000 models. Prices for the Capacity Doubler start at $2,660 for it to be installed at the time of purchase, and $4,100 for a field upgrade.


Philips Announces EasyWrite

Philips Electronics has launched EasyWrite, a system based on the Mount Rainier specifications. EasyWrite-equipped CD-RW drives allow users to use CD-RW discs in much the same way as they would a floppy disk, or any variable packet-written CD-R/RW. Other features of EasyWrite include Thermo Balanced Writing and the SeamlessLink buffer underrun protection system. EasyWrite is backward-compatible with current CD and DVD drives, and starting in 2002, Philips will build EasyWrite into all new Philips CD-RW and CD-RW/DVD-ROM drives.


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