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A Digital Earful reports on all the latest digital audio recording tools, including CD recorders, mastering and recording software, desktop mixing, and editing tools, CD duplicators and autoloaders, DVD audio, CD/DVD replication news, and more. If you are a consumer or professional interested in the latest digital tools for mixing, editing and recording audio, then this is essential reading. Sign up now to start your FREE biweekly subscription. DVD Today News reports on all aspects of DVD technology and use. In every biweekly issue, learn about the latest tools, service, and technology, including: DVD authoring software and workstations, premastering, DVD recorders (DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD+RW), DVD replication, post production services, MPEG-2 encoders and compression services, DVD-ROM authoring tools, DVD hybrids (Web-enabled), and more. The TechVideo e-newsletter will report on a range of video technologies in every bi-weekly issue. Topics covered include the latest news on hardware and software encoders and NLEs on the production side, streaming appliances on the delivery side, to plasmas and projectors on the presentation side, and partnership and research reports and analysis on the industry side.

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