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Digital Audio

Digital Audio covers the full range of digital audio issues, emerging trends, hardware, and software--from CD-Audio duplication and burning to mixing for multi-channel DVD-Audio delivery.

Microsoft Makes Case for Corona
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Real Has Been Real Busy
Mark Fritz

Avid Announces New Versions of Media Composer, Symphony and Others

Stomp Transforms PCs Into Digital Audio Workstations

Pioneer Elite Introduces New DVD-Audio, SACD Players

Philips Nexperia Platform Includes iVAST MPEG-4 Player

NEC selects Sigma MPEG decoder chips for consumer PCs

STMicroelectronics supplies Pioneer with DVD chips and playback software

Ligos releases latest LSX-MPEG for Adobe Premiere

New Releases Boost "Tabletop" Cd/DVD Production
Stephen F. Nathans

Texas Instruments Japan Becomes Newest Licensee of Verance Copy Protection Technology for DVD-Audio

Information Insider - Rich Media Makeovers: Vendor Success Stories
Hugh Bennett

The CD-Writer - Compressed Audio on Writable DVD - Why Not?
Hugh Bennett

Sonic Foundry, Accordent Deliver Presentation Solutions

Minnetonka's discWelder Steel Makes DVD-Adio Affordable

eSynch Announces Digital Rights Management Information Website

Avid Announces Major Release of Symphony, Media Composer, Film Composer, and Xpress

BIAS Debuts Dc 3.5 for Mac OS X

Home Recording Rights Coalition Criticizes Hollings/Stevens Bill

Dolby Laboratories Announces MPEG-4 AAC Licensing Program

Sigma Sounds the Future of PCs
Mark Fritz

Napster's Last Gasp?
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Has Yamaha Mastered High-Speed CD-Audio?
Lee Hollman

Stomp Sheds Lux on Veritas
Stephen F. Nathans

Sonic Foundry Sets Sites, Forges Ahead
Mark Fritz

DVD Between the Lines -
DVD-Audio: Much More Than an Audiophile Format!

Mark Waldrep

The CD Writer -
I'll Be Your Mirror

Josh McDaniel, guest columnist

Between the Lines -
5.1-Channel Surround Sound: Mixing Opinions, Part II

Mark Waldrep

No Sellout: Roxio and EMI
Bob Starrett

MicroBoards Orbit II CD Duplicator
Josh McDaniel

Applying DVD-Audio: Authoring Pioneers Report from the Frontier
Philip De Lancie

SOS, DVD: Online Help Sites for DVD Authors and Other DVD Pros
Lauren Wiley

The CD Writer -
Are Copy Protected CDs Universally Playable?

Bob Starrett

The CD Writer -
CD Recording Resources Revisited

Bob Starrett

Burn in Heaven: Church Production and CD-R
Joshua McDaniel

MediaFORM Reflection CD-5121 CD Duplicator
Stephen Nathans

DVD Between the Lines -
The Sound of DVD: 5.1 Mixing Opinions Part 1

Mark Waldrep

Surround from the Ground Up: The Making of a DVD-Audio Title
Mark Waldrep

The CD Writer -
Nothing Was Delivered

Bob Starrett

12X CD-R/RW Drive Roundup
Hugh Bennett

Microboards Saturn II Publisher
Jeff Partyka

CD Cyclone CD Revo 12X10X32 FireWire CD-R/RW Drive
Mark Early

DVD Between the Lines -
DVD-Audio: The Myth of High-Resolution

Mark Waldrep

DVD Between the Lines -
DVD-Audio: Arrival is Imminent

Mark Waldrep

The CD Writer -
Will Napster Become the Ultimate CD-Recording Software?

Bob Starrett

DVD Between the Lines -
DVD-Audio Arrival is Imminent

Mark Waldrep

Primera Composer Optical Disc Duplicator
Hugh Bennett

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